The online advocacy group We Want Music Without Borders steps into the real world today

The online advocacy group We Want Music Without Borders steps into the real world today. It’s our first  MEET UP AT MILLENNIUM PARK TODAY at 5:30 pm before the 1st Loops & Variations to discuss further strategy; collect signatures from other people in the park who WANT MUSIC WITHOUT BORDERS TO BE CONTINUED and have some fun! We will picnic and be a presence in the Park.

The beloved world music series MUSIC WITHOUT BORDERS has been cancelled and it’s not just about $$. This an invite to join with others to tell the Chicago Dept. of Cult. Affairs & Special Event (DCASE) WE WANT MUSIC WITHOUT BORDERS!

JOIN the community of 1000+ fans for ongoing discussion on the open group WE WANT MUSIC WITHOUT BORDERS
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Sign an online Petition here

“MUSIC WITHOUT BORDERS” is the vibrant musical series showcasing non-commercial & traditional music from around the world at Millennium Park & the Chicago Cultural Center. It is also a COMMUNITY of people who love cultural diversity.

MUSIC WITHOUT BORDERS was the first music series offered at the Pritzker Pavilion City of Chicago in 2006. It quickly became the SUMMER HIGHLIGHT for THOUSANDS of people! Funded mainly by corporate sponsors, foundations and community organizations it was a FREE event –ACCESSIBLE to everyone. People of ALL AGES and DIVERSE ETHNIC backgrounds JOYfully celebrating song and dance TOGETHER SAFELY with FAMILIES and FRIENDS at this glorious venue and at the Chicago Cultural Center. What WONDERFUL PUBLICITY FOR CHICAGO!

This rich cultural celebration of diversity has been replaced by six weeks of “Loops and Variations” classical new music & electronica.  Commissioner Boone of DCASE said in a letter to us that her staff replaced MWB because they wanted to do something new and innovative.  She also said her Department is still committed to ethnic and cultural programming but only 2 nights of “world” music for the ENTIRE SUMMER are being presented at the Pritzker Pavilion.

SPEAK UP and say “HEY! WE LOVE MUSIC WITHOUT BORDERS. It is great to have the City of Chicago supporting it. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!” We want DCASE to know this is a HUGE LOSS to the people of CHICAGO and people ELSEWHERE too.

MUSIC WITHOUT BORDERS helped make Chicago a WORLD CLASS DESTINATION. Chicago was a major stop for touring artists. WITHOUT the City of CHICAGO booking these artists, it will not be financially feasible for many OTHER CITIES AND TOWNS in the Midwest & across the US to sponsor these artists either. Other venues in Chicago WILL NOT be able to AFFORD presenting them as well. This decision to cancel Music Without Borders has enormous RIPPLING EFFECT on many communities. Everybody BENEFITS from living in a city known for cultural inclusion that celebrates cultural diversity.

Yes, We are a GLOBAL VILLAGE!Please join people from cultures from all over the world crying out “We Want Our Music Without Borders”!

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