CELEBRATE CLARK STREET WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL is in it’s 9th YEAR! The gutsy worldly fest in Rogers Park takes on Pitchfork and PHISH on the same weekend! WE LOVE THEM FOR IT! Offering QUALITY live world music & global Bass on two stages; ethnic food galore; circus acts; live painting, green space WHEW! Sat 1pm to 11pm and Sun from 1 pm to 10 pm. ONLY $5 adults~ $10 Family !! Family Friendly too! HUGE FREE AFTERPARTY at Mayne Stage Sat. July 19 !

More info at http://www.celebrateclarkstreet.com. celebrate clark street



The festival is organized with 2 stages–one at either end of the 4 blocks. On the South Stage at Morse the notable “out of town” musicians are performing. On the North stage at Estes the stage will be filled with local talent –the majority is a wide range of hispanic/latino dispora and very danceable.

My analysis? Lord give us good strong party legs! Sound Culture, the curator, has packed this festival with a variety of interesting top caliber music on both stages all afternoon and evening on both Sat. and Sun–plus the Sat. AFTERPARTY til 3 am with 3 bands and 3 DJ’s

HIGHLIGHTS?  If you like to dance don’t miss Sunday night at the South Stage. 8 pm Ricardo Lemvo &   Makina Loca “a seamless blend of Afro-Cuban rhythms with pan-African styles (soukous, Angolan semba and kizomba) and 6:15 with Funkadesi (We danced in the rain to end the festival with them last year! Nothing stops Funkadesi or their fans!)

On Saturday night check out Cheick Hamale Diabate and The Griot Street Band (Malian Ngoni Music)at 9pm.  “West African historian in the Griot tradition, and a world-recognized master of the ngoni, a Malian traditional instrument.”  It’s a lilting, delicately infectious joyous music.

(Also it should be noted that Ricardo Lemvo appears also at Chicago Summerdance on Friday July 18 at 7:30 and Cheick Hamale Diabate will be there on Sunday afternoon from 5pm to 7pm).

South Stage includes 3  electronic global artists from out of town this year.  Sound Culture’s curator David Chavez is a passionate proponent of global bass.  Just recently he started a own weekly hour radio program called “Future Rootz”.   I know from talking to David, he believes that electronic global music is a way to bring young people in the “world music” fold.  Towards this goal of engaging the “new” Celebrate Clark Street brings in two electronic artists on Sunday–Cumbia Machin, electronic cumbia  and Rafi El (see their bios and bandcamps on http://www.celebrateclarkstreet.com)  Rafi El will appear as part of a trio.

 Sunday night Ricardo Lemvo


Saturday night –Cheick Hamale Diabate and The Griot Street Band


On Saturday July 19  the North Stage –the local lineup will be fun starting with the  Mambo Express at 2:50 to Traditional Mexican regional Sangre Michoacana to the Latin Ska of Los Vicios de Papa and Psychedelic Cumbia of Dos Santos Antibeat Orquesta on Sat. Although I’ve enjoyed all of these bands previously at this Festival –I look forward to seeing all AGAIN–and I’m a hard sell! You can expect lots of dancing in the streets to their great music! On Sunday the North stage selection varies from Japanese Taiko Drumming to  4 Star Brass a NOLA style brass band to 8:30pm Esso! Afrojam Funkbeat (a newly formed band this year that definitely rocks it).

Below you’ll find videos of the Saturday North stage local acts.
A follow up post coming with more on the world music coming from outside Chicago.


Mambo Express 30th Anniversary at 2:50pm
You’ll experience Mambo from different eras as this quintissential band which helped establish Mambo in Chicago celebrates their anniversary with music like this:

Los Vicios De Papa (LVDP SOUNDSYSTEM) Socially Conscious Latin Ska North Stage Sat.

Sangre Michoacana–Regional Traditional Mexican North Stage Sat.

Dos Santos AntiBeat Orquesta. It’s hard to believe it’s just been a year since I first heard Chicago’s first Psychedelic Cumbia. More on the band later. Highly recommend.


More on the Afterparty to Come and Links to the Electronic Global Bass artists.


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