Dancin’ in the Streets: Songs of Chuy and Unity in the Community

unity in the community photo  by Gail Dee/We Want Music Without Borders

Have you heard the songs written for Chuy?  From Hip Hop to Corridos to “Brother Louie” these songs are not paid for by the campaign.  Jesus “Chuy” Garcia’s unprecedented run against Mayor Rahm Emanuel is inspiring musicians, spoken word artists (and visual artists such as RAWFA’S  painting above.) throughout Chicago. It’s not just the hispanic community. It’s a mosiac of people spontaneously musically expressing support for Chuy -North; South; East and West.

In the same fashion the Cultural Committee for Chuy is hosting hosted grassroots “Unity in the Community” Concert and Rally Sunday March 29. Unity in the CommunityThe entertainment ? A lively, diverse soundtrack featuring Chicago’s best musicians- befitting Emma Goldman’s famous outcry “If I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your revolution!”  Dance and rally  from 6 pm to 10 pm. Stay at home and you’ll feel like you missed out on the party of the Spring!   The featured bands include the beloved world music’s Funkadesi and Sones de Mexico  along  with blues harpist Billy Branch (All are recipient’s of Chicago Music Award’s Best Entertainer Awards); Shirley King (yes, that’s BB King’s daughter); Rhymefest; Team Englewood ; El DJ Rebel X (Victor M. Montañez); the Janes; with comedian Jaime de Leon and Amisha Patel MC’ing plus a silent arts auction.  Hats off to the Cultural Committee for Chuy – Marguerite Horberg, Dayna Calderon, Lauren Deutsch, Rahul Sharma,  Jaime Garcia Rodriguez, Arlene Crawford, and Sarah Dandelles and Roman De Lion for organizing this terrific event to bring people together from all over the city.  April 2 UPDATE: Event was a HIT!  See Chuy Garcia’s Groovin’ Entrance with the Fabulous Funkadesi Drum Procession and amazing speech

Below is the compilation of some of the songs I’ve found written for Chuy. Plus some of the performances from Sunday March 29 “Unity in The Community” Enjoy! (If you know of any more –please be sure to comment or email and let us know:-)

This will get your groove going:-)  “Chuy is what we all need” Sung by Holly Senchak with the Webstirs

I love this one!  Song “Bigoton” (Big Mustache) “We need someone to care not just someone that sits on a chair”  By Crudos Tribal -Lyrics and horns by Ismael MotaRicardo Contreras -drums  Efren Vásquez -keyboards Manny Arellano (Sound engineer & arranger) Studio time donated by Good Ears Studios.  This song has been aired on Univision.

A lovely, sincere corrido with Lyrics/Music/Voice by Laura Crotte and Harp by  Zacbè Pichardo of Sones De Mexico.  Laura is an accomplished actress and singer. She explained to me ” A corrido is a ballad portraying the history or trajectory of a person.  Very popular during Mexicsn revolution but very alive today…still as a living newspaper in the mood of mexican “juglares” “. This corrido will be performed  LIVE at Unity in the Community Sunday March 29.

“My name is Azteca 500. I made the music and poetry because I truly believe that Chicago can change. For far to long we have been segregated and pitted up against each other. This election gives us the opportunity to take back Chicago from a mayor who has been economically violent towards communities of color. I have a strong belief that Jesus “Chuy” Garcia will advocate for people who have
typically had no voice and have been disenfranchised. I did it on my own accord and received no money for my work. I am proud to be from Little Village and I did it to spread a message of a change that is coming to Chicago. “

A corrido in the Mariachi fashion.

Team Englewood Spoken Word (High School word wizards) ” Hide Your Schools, Hide Your Children ‘Cause He’s Wrecking It All”  appearing at Unity in the Community on Sunday

From Unity in the Community Billy Branch sings “Help Me” (video courtesy of Lynn Orman; Orman Music & Media)

Join We Want Music Without Borders Facebook group here for updates on music: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wewantmusicwithoutborders/

or our page https://www.facebook.com/WeWantMusicWithoutBorder

Want to donate to Chuy’s campaign? http://www.chicagoforchuy.com

Edit: I wrongly attributed the picture to “D-tel” and it was corrected to show the artist as “RAWFA”

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2 Responses to Dancin’ in the Streets: Songs of Chuy and Unity in the Community

  1. Benjamin Anaya says:

    Thanks for sharing this collection of great efforts towards a real change in Chi-Town. It’s amazing what Chuy’s candidacy have triggered to the very creative Chicagoans!

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