BOMBA ESTEREO Deep Colombian Dance Grooves Sizzle on Sunday

by Gail Dee  See the image? Just touch the icons for music and info for this Don’t Miss show.   Expect Bomba Estereo with it’s unique Colombian tropical electro cumbia; funk; reggae global beat to have everyone swaying with summer delight. It’s the last chance this season to catch sexy dance music direct from Colombia in a live venue in Chicago. And jump on it or you might be standing on the outside sayin’ “Dayum!*#@!”  Bomba sold out their last 4 dates in Seattle, Oakland and NYC this week.  Tickets only $20 here.  Opening band is Bogota’s Mitu and  local comers Esso Afrojam Funkbeat  to warm us up.  See you on the dance floor Sunday July 26 at Concord Music Hall!  Presented by TusSoni2  ; Sound Culture and React.

Want to keep updated on the great music scene in Chicago? Hey we were the first to report the full schedule for the upcoming World Music Festival Chicago 2015!

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Gail Dee also writes “Global Sounds” for –Chicago’s free bimonthly cultural magazine on newstands and online for 29 years.

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