Chicago’s World of Musicians- Sones de Mexico at CIMMFEST Holiday Fundraiser

Cimmfest Fundraiser
Chicago’s World of Musicians” is a new series of stories about Chicago musicians whose music is influenced by other cultures from around world. We’ll learn about the music they love to play; their backgrounds; struggles; and successes. The series opens with upcoming show previews  for December.
This piece is cut from a longer article “Chicago’s World of Musicians Spice Up Winter”.
Tis the Season. In the winter, world music touring artists from overseas are almost as difficult to find performing in Chicago as the missing surveillance tape footage from Burger King during the shooting of Laquan Mcdonald.

Fortunately music lovers can still enjoy live shows from outstanding Mexican, Brazilian, Puerto Rican, Indian musicians and others who call Chicago home.

Saturday Dec. 5. is literally crammed with great shows. Treat yourself to as much as possible.  After this weekend, with a few exceptions, live shows of this kind of music dwindle to a dribble for the rest  of December and much of January.

One of the recommended shows for Dec. 5 include the CIMMFEST fundraiser with Sones de Mexico.  Here’s a preview.



CIMMFEST ANNUAL HOLIDAY FUNDRAISER WITH SONES DE MEXICO is doing an encore performance of their compelling original live score to Sergei Eisenstein’s ¡Viva Mexico! at Music Box Theater 3733 N. Southport Ave, Chicago, Il. Dec. 5. Although Sones de Mexico is in the process of becoming a  Chicago institution, it doesn’t rest on it’s reputation.  In the last couple years they have developed new projects to continue their goal of keeping traditional Mexican “son” alive. Creating a live score to this classic silent film is one example.   The sextet formed over 20 years ago in 1994 -many of the group originally from Mexico. The folkloric group, led by enthnomusicologist Juan Dies explores the many forms of “Son” a genre encompassing the roots of mariachi music and other regional styles, including huapango, gustos, chilenas, son jarocho, and more. You will see that demonstrated as Lorena Iñiguez, Juan Rivera, Zacbé Pichardo, Gonzalo Cordova and newest member Eric Hines play the live score.

Sergei Eisenstein uses dramatic elements of surrealism and expressionism to document the history of Mexico’s peasant uprising and the Mexican Revolution of 1910 that inspired Russia’s own revolution in 1917. The scenes span different regions of Mexico including Oaxaca and Chiapas. Sones de México Ensemble will perform this film score live using regional folk music from those areas.”
Chicago International Music and Movie Festival ( CIMMFEST ) has grown from a ’boutique” festival to a major Chicago cultural event in the past 8 years offering a staggering array of music films  as well as live concert programming. For example, in 2015 this We Want Music Without Borders fan enjoyed seeing not only the premiere performance of the Sones de Mexico amazing live score; but also a crazy classical Indian/Bollywood live score mashup to a Buster Keaton silent film; a live concert of Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars and a film about hip hop in North Africa and other developing countries.   Next year the festival takes place April 14-17, 2016.

Saturday Dec. 5 you can support CIMMFEST in one or two ways. Enjoy cocktails and appetizers at the  VIP Cocktail Party from 5 pm to 7:30 pm followed by the Sones de Mexico performance. Tickets $100.  In the alternative you can attend the performance of the live score at 7:30 pm for $15 in advance. Tickets here:

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Gail Dee is the creator of We Want Music Without Borders and a freelance journalist whose columns have appeared in;  Newcity music and other website and publications.




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