Thank You For Your Strong Support & Generous Donation

by Gail Dee updated June 30

Due to illness & computer equipment challenges– I’m several weeks  behind publicly thanking some  special people. Please forgive me.  You’ll find some interactive images –containing links to information about them. Today the focus is on two of our kind Brazilian musicians–the first is  Moacyr Marchini – the “father” of the “bateria” in the Midwest. He performs both in  Chicago and St. Louis for 27 years. The other is Reed Flygt is a passionate love of traditional music from West Africa and Brazil.  He’s a music teacher at Lane Tech.  Part of a younger generation bateria  he leads classes Evanston Escola de Samba; as well as at Segundo Ruiz Belvis center and is part of the popular band Fatbook and Bloco Maximo –whew!  Click on some of the links to learn more about them and others.   Hope you enjoy learning about some of our generous members of We Want Music Without   Borders.


Thank you to Lisa Zane for your very generous $50 contribution. Lisa is an American singer, songwriter & actress with an eclectic international folk classicism, individualistic pop songwriting, and the soul of a chanteuse.  As our 4th contributor on April 26 –it was very uplifting to read  ‘I think your site is wonderful and I refer to it a lot, besides posting shows.  It’s lead me to venues where I’ve then performed, and introduced me to people in our community.  Invaluable”   Lisa just recently performed doing Argentinian rock mixed with other eceletic music in her new group called Flapunco.  Touch the interactive image icons to learn more about Lisa and her music. 



Joanie & Sparrow (the  Jazz Journalists Association Chicago 2016 Jazz Heroes) have been my supporters for years. Their continual kindness & generous $70 donation sincerely appreciated as well as their commitment to music! Can’t wait to hear their new song on Sunday May 21 (11:30 pm) in tribute to the circus.  (touch the interactive image icons for videos and more information created as a special way of saying “thanks’!!!)


THANK YOU TO BYOUNG SUG KIM & GlOBAL PUNGMUL INSTITUTE(touch the interactive image icons for videos and more information) created by Gail Dee in gratitude for your generous $100 donation.


Apryl Broach Brave Chronicles

Thank you April Broach

THANK YOU to SONIA HASSON for your loving support

THANK YOU to JOSHUA SIEGAL for your kind donation


Muchas Graciis Victor Garcia



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